Important Dates


General Meetings – The public is welcome.

Meetings are at Padilla Bay Estuarine Research Reserve.

Dec. 9, 2017 (Saturday) 11:30-3 pm

ALL SKAGIT ARTIST MEMBERS, FAMILIES AND GUESTS ARE INVITED TO THE HOLIDAY PARTYThis is a potluck gift exchange get-to-know-you-better party.  Sharon Mecca will be coordinating the party and needs some volunteers to help.  Please contact Sharon at – Bring a hot or cold dish for the potluck – we will provide plates, glasses and eating utensils.

Gift Exchange

  1. bring a piece of your art or something you’ve created (we’ve had baked goods in the past, for example)
  2. each person selects a number and we pick presents in that order.
  3. each person after #1 may select an unopened present OR they may select an already opened present from someone else.
  4. if the present you selected is taken from you, you select a new present from the pile.
  5. After a present is taken 3 times it can not be taken again.

Get to know you

We’ll have a brief get to know you time so we can learn a bit more about each other.

We hope everyone will attend, especially the new members who’ve joined in that last few months.  Remember we are also holding elections for the 2018 Board of Directors.

Let’s celebrate an exciting year for our organization.

Dates to Note

September 21 at 3:00 pm
Board Meeting at  Empire Ale House