Featured Artist

Featured Artist of the Month
Each month we feature three to four of our artists picked at random.

Jill Whitmore
I love the act of creating. I’m a musician, writer and visual artist.  Magic happens when “in the zone”, where the seen and unseen, the known and unknowable collaborate; the muse steps in and lends her voice.  My work is about joy, inspiration and honoring the exquisite wild beauty of this thing we call life here on the planet.  I’ve shown extensively throughout the Central and Northern California, Colorado (where I had a gallery for 5 years) and New Mexico. I am so enjoying being back in the beautiful Northwest after 18 years away.  www.whitmoregallery.com/

Carol Evans
One day in 1983 my husband brought a piece of glass home from where he worked at Spectrum Glass in Woodinville, WA. and asked if I wanted to figure out what to do with it. I took a beginning stained glass class and made my first small stained glass design. That began my adventure and love with glass. I continued to work with glass for several years. Then life got in the way with a high demand job and I dropped working with glass but never lost the love of it. In 2010 I decided to take up glass again. I picked up where I had left off with stained glass. Then I took a fused glass class and my simmering love of glass ignited again. My education is pirmarily a LOT of reading, a few classes, experiments, recording what I did, what was good and the failures. I now own a studio where I create my art and host artists from across the country to teach. I also host a Facebook group for glass artists that live in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, CA. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1458177607843267/) It has been very rewarding meeting the artists that come to teach and to take classes in my studio. When not working with glass I enjoy being with my 3 cats and doing art with alcohol inks and polymer clay.


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