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Lin McJunkin

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Lin McJunkin translates her ideas into elegant copper-foiled, fused and cast glass objects for private and public settings.  They are exhibited and owned around the world, displayed in windows, on walls, or in wood or metal sculpture. Her loosely flowing patterns of color in a uniquely jazzy style have evolved from 35 years of improvisation with design and traditional stained glass techniques.

She collaborates with homeowners, architects and art committees to create customized projects, and with gallery owners to exhibit her work. Lin’s work can be purchased or commissioned directly through this website.

Blue Rising Waves - Detail

Green Rising Waves - Detail

Rising Waves


Bomba de Luces



Ron Wohl Door

The Sea Within

Artist’s Statement

Working with glass and metal challenges my ability to translate ideas, emotions, and impressions into strong yet supple visual statements that celebrate life’s wonders and protest its injustices.

The glass images are affected by the constant interplay with light on and through them, which I find intriguing. This interaction enhances the colors, shapes, and textures of the images. While light may damage other art forms, it is a crucial element that enlivens my work. In essence, I design with light, with constantly changing results that continually alter the viewer’s experience of the piece.

I currently work in two different but related glass methods. In the first method, I use copper foil, solder, and the heat of a soldering iron to attach the individual cut glass pieces together in an innovative style. Each glass piece is supported by copper foil metalwork that often highlights fused glass inclusions. This results in an open, lacy look that resembles mosaic work, with air and the background view filling in the spaces between the glass, instead of a grout.

In the second method, I use the heat of a kiln to fuse the cut glass pieces to the background glass and to each other in multiple layers. The kiln is programmed to heat slowly to 1300-1600 degrees, depending on how much I want the pieces to melt into each other. Then the kiln is slowly brought down in stages to room temperature. This method can also result in a mosaic-like effect, but without the metalwork.

Both methods feature loosely flowing patterns of color with unframed, free-formed borders. This uniquely jazzy style has evolved over 35 years of improvisation and experimentation with design and technique.

Much of my inspiration comes to me during my extended travels, most recently in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and India. My interpretations of the stories I hear and the little dramas of human errors, humor, tragedies, and foibles I witness often find their way into my work.

The fractured quality of my art glass mosaics mirrors the fragmented aspects of the complex world in which we all live. But the individual glass pieces in my work are also securely unified by lacy metalwork or fused into a delicate and coherent whole. This reflects the holistic approaches needed to resolve the social and environmental problems of our time.

I consider my work a success when it first seduces viewers with its beauty, then teases them with an ironic questioning of my current version of “The Truth.”



More Bang for the Baht


2009  "Rising Waves," (max. 3' x 5" x 2") kiln cast markers for predicted sea level rising, Pt. Angeles, WA Fine Art Center "Art Outside" Exhibition
2009  "The Sea, Within," (84 x 24 x 15") fused glass and metal sculpture, Anacortes, WA Sculpture Exhibition (Commercial & 32nd St.)

2008 “Healing Skagit” fused & cast glass panels (3’ x 4’ x ¾”) exterior sculpture for Skagit Valley Hospital,  Mt. Vernon, WA

2008 “The Gifts” (with Christie Houston), glass, copper, paper triptych, Skagit Valley Hospital 50th Anniversary Celebration, Mt. Vernon, WA

2008 “MODIS Vivendi,” cast glass ice core samples and ice islands installation, Pt. Angeles Fine Arts Center Art Outside Show, Pt. Angeles, WA

2001 “Rainbow Views,”  (4 sidelights, 50” x 12”) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Sequim, Washington

1994 “Restoration” (8'x24' stained glass mural) St. Mary's Church, Corvallis, Oregon

1990 "Memorial Windows," (series of 3, 5'x3'  windows to match existing)  Temple Beth David, Amenia, NY

"Epiphany" and "Coloured," (26” x 28” each, hanging panels) United Methodist Church, Bethany, OK


2008 Math & Nursing Dept. glass wall series, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR.


2009  Artist Trust EDGE professional development program
2008 Bellingham Technical College, sculptural welding, Shirley Erickson

2007 Pilchuck Glass School, “Pate de Verre” fused glass with Etsuko Nishi

1998-2005 Bullseye Connection, Portland, Oregon –glass painting, fusing & casting workshops

1987-1989 Camp Colton, Oregon – Boyce Lundstrom (fusing classes) and Peter Wendel (apprenticeship)

1975 Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California: MA Ed/Arts

1970 UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California: BA Comparative Studies


Art sabbatical 2006: 6 months in Latin America, 4 months in SE Asia, 2 months in India. Travel and working sojourns in the American Southwest 2004, Italy 2000, Alaska 1998, Canada 1996, Guatemala 1995, Turkey 1993, Soviet Union 1985, Europe 1970, 1977, 1993, and ongoing long-term US canoeing and backpacking, including 9 months from Newfoundland to Key West (canoe) and 6 months in SW Utah (backpacking).

Tri-Color Fireworks


1999-2006    Owner, McJunkin Glass Studio and On the Edge Art Gallery, Sequim and La Conner, WA

1973-1996    Public school educator: science and the arts (K-16)

1990-1996    District science curriculum coordinator, Corvallis, OR; adjunct/faculty member OSU: Upward Bound,  Outdoor School, Teacher Training, Hewlett-Packard Science/Educator Partner


 “Lively La Conner Arts,” Artisan Northwest, Seattle, WA  (Spring, 2006) “War: The Crimson Carnival,” Peace Art Book, Powell Press, La Conner, WA  (5/07)

“Transformed by Fire: Glass Today,” CD by Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA (9/04)

“McJunkin Glass Gallery Featured in Skagit Studio Tour,” Skagit Valley Herald, Mt. Vernon, WA  (7/14/04)

“Glass Artist Leads Art Walk Through La Conner,” Seattle Times, Seattle, WA  (6/04) 

“Sequim artist seeks peaceful solutions,” Sequim Gazette, Sequim, WA (9/11/02)

“Breaking glass barriers,” Peninsula Daily News, Pt. Angeles, WA  (3/3/02)

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“Artist’s journey through life reflects in her glass,” Sequim Gazette, Sequim WA (7/19/00)

"Artist takes stained glass to new level," Channel Town Press, La Conner, WA  (3/31/99)

"Artist captures life's passages in glass show," News Times, Newport OR  (11/20/98)

"Glass art," Allied Arts Newsletter of Whatcom County, Bellingham, WA  (5/98)

"Painting with light," Gazette-Times, Corvallis, OR  (2/26/95)


2008- Cultivating Art, Founding member

2007- Artists Trust, Member

2005- Skagit Fusers, Founding member

2004- International Glass Art Society, Member                                                        

2003- Skagit Artists Together (SAT), Skagit County, Washington, co-founder, president, member

2002-2005 La Conner Arts Commission, Commissioner/President, La Conner, WA                 


Gallery by the Bay: Stanwood, Washington

Pegasus Gallery: Corvallis, Oregon

Scott Milo Gallery: Anacortes, Washington



2009 - Art Outside Exhibition - Pt. Angeles, WA  Fine Art Center  "Rising Waves"
2009 - Artist Trust EDGE Program at Centrum, Pt. Townsend, WA  - professional development for artists

2006 “Domestic Disturbances,” The Other Roadside Attraction Gallery, Mt. Vernon, Washington

2002 “Awareness Altered,” Gloria Runnings Gallery at Arts/West, Seattle, Washington

2001 “With Paradoxical Intent,” Triad Gallery, Seal Rock, Oregon

“Ironic Intrigue,” Allied Art Center, Bellingham, Washington 

1998 "Living Light," Triad Gallery, Seal Rock, Oregon

1995 "Reflections in a Glass Eye," Oregon State University Art Center, Corvallis, Oregon


2008 “Unclad 2008,” PromoteWorks, Stanwood, Washington

2007 “Local Artists Working in Far Away Places,” Gallery by the Bay, Stanwood, Washington

2007 “Cultural Connections,” Pegasus Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon

2004 “Transformed by Fire: Glass Today,” Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

“What’s Art Got To Do With It?” The Other Roadside Attraction, Mt. Vernon, Washington

“A Hip Hop Sonata,” Edison Eye Gallery, Edison, Washington

“Searching IV,” On the Edge Fine Art Gallery, La Conner, Washington (all-glass show)

2002 “Innocence Lost,” On the Edge Fine Art Gallery, La Conner, Washington

2000 "Transitions," Allied Art Center, Bellingham, Washington

2000 "Glass Guardians," Triad Gallery, Seal Rock, Oregon


2008 “Cascade Mountains,” (22 sq.ft. installed panels) John & Roberta Hunter, Sedro Woolley, WA

2008 “Cascading Stream,” (58” x 20” installed panel), Anna & Paul Chasman, Pt Angeles, WA

2007 “Porcelain Bantam,” (28” x 22” hanging panel), Poultry Science Association, Ames, Iowa

2006 “Blue Moonlight, “ (interior door, 65” x 24”,) Ron Wohl Residence, Mt. Vernon, WA

2005 “Crystal Palace,” (kitchen window, 3 ½’ x 3’), Tordis Buskohl, Burlington, WA

2004 “Tree of Life,” (front door panel, 2’x3-1/2’) Dr. Shenton Oh Residence, Seattle, WA

“Trailing Vines,” (2 sidelights, 2 transoms for entry door, 4’ x 8” each) Swanson Residence,Portland, Oregon

2000 "Olympic Range Replacement," (4'x4' wall panel) Macki Residence, Sequim, Washington

"Crystalline Clarity,"  (sidelight & bathroom panels, each 7'x1') Corbett Residence, Lake Stevens, WA

"Into Thin Air," (sidelight, 6'x2') Dr. Mandelkorn Residence, Mercer Island, Washington

1998 "When Winter Leaves," (5'x2’ handing panel)  Meeuws Contractors, Clackamas, Oregon

"Winter Sails," (4'x6' hanging panel) Charles Brush Investors,  Sausalito, California

1997 "Loon, Frog and Crane,"  (35 sq ft total installed wall) Janet Fulton, Jeff Daly, Clive, Iowa

"Iris" and "Heron Scene,"  (3'x7' each, sidelights)  Garton Residences, Pt. Ludlow, WA                    

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS                               

“Endangered Species,” “e-Motion,” Pam Hom and Jim Sherburne, Mt. Vernon, WA

“Katrina,” “Exuberance,” “Moon over Moscow,” Steve and Carol Bryant, Mt. Vernon, WA

“Aztec Pyramid,”  “Consequences,”  “Aquatic Life,” Diane Hartzell, Lake Forest Park, WA

“With Visions of a Kingdom Lost,” “With Visions…Found,” “Pale Lotus,” Jim and Helen Martin, Pacific Grove, CA

“Shadows & Reflections,” “For Those Who Would Help I and II,” The Kirklands, Issaquah, WA

“The Agony of Maybe,” and “Will the Center Hold?” ConNet Engineering Consultants, Sacramento, CA

“Water from an Ancient Well,” “Garden of Myth and Logic,” The Norm Winningstads, Newport, OR   

"Fiddler's Green,"  "Gravity's Challenge,"  "Crystal Clarity,"  "Celebration,"  “Mardi Gras,” and “Mood Swings,” Paul and Vera Marx and Family, Lincoln City, Oregon and Pasadena, CA 

"Turkish Poppy," "Winter to Spring," and "Herons," The Bard Zensens,  Ukiah, CA

"Monterey Forest," "Everglades," "Crystal Cave," Janet Fulton & Jeff Daly, Clive, IO

"Yellow Shell Beach," "Phoenix," and "Grief," Dr.Ingrid Rose, Karlsruhe, Germany

"Metamorphosis,” "Byzantine Madonna," “White Dahlia,” & “New Dawn,” AAA Property Managers, Scottsdale, AZ

“Little Boxes,” Steve Bilko, Cape Town, South Africa